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The Road to Entrepreneurial Success Has Many Detours - Geri Stengel

February 20th, 2019 - “Despite personal and business roadblocks, Tiffany Jana is still on the road to success as a black woman in tech. Roadblocks have caused her to detour but not to give up.

Jana was born into the diversity and inclusion field. Her mother, Deborah Threadgill Egerton, was a civil rights activist who went on to pioneer the diversity and inclusion field. Egerton became one of the first people to help organizations grapple with the reality of a diverse workforce. … “


A Venue to Think, Collaborate, Agree - The Canvas House Backstory

“I met with my friend and business collaborator, Danny Lopez, yesterday in London. Partly because we needed to catch up, but also, I wanted to steal a peek at the recently renovated RSA, of which he is a fellow. I was reassured to see similar elements in the overhauled RSA space to those that Eugenie and Claire have designed into Canvas House - unusual, welcoming spaces that you can easily move between.

Each space de-emphasising technology and encouraging real conversations. Sofas, nooks, books (real, not digital), good coffee, natural light, writing spaces, presenting spaces, social spaces. It encouraged me in believing we’re not naive in thinking we can build a national destination for meaningful leadership meetings.”