Danny Lopez

Former British Consul-General to New York, CEO of the Mayor of London’s economic development agency, artificial intelligence tech executive. Dual national Anglo-Spanish, Danny’s accustomed to delivering messages to corporate, government, or royal, audiences in English or Spanish.

He talks across Europe and North America about international events and the intersection of market disrupting technologies and government policy.

Dr Tiffany Jana.png

Dr tiffany jana

Entrepreneur, technologist, research leader… Dr. Jana has been featured in numerous publications and media including Fast Company, Inc.com, and Forbes for the firm’s work on diversity, equity, empowerment, and inclusion. Dr Jana has published three books in the field, the latest being Erasing Institutional Bias: How to Create Systemic Change for Organizational Inclusion.

Dr. Jana serves as a strategic advisor on client engagements, and has deep expertise in diversity and inclusion, using metrics to gauge organizational equity and unconsious bias. Dr. Jana's vision is to help organizations optimize their workplace and community environments based on stated values.

Dr. Jana is the proud mother of three children, a quirky VCU computer science major, a charismatic Harvard economics major, and a musically gifted middle schooler.


Scott Wayne

Scott has spent his career investigating opportunities, building partnerships, and negotiating outcomes. He learned his trade while working as a British diplomat and later built award-winning firms that apply these techniques to help clients understand their market, innovate, and build partnerships to fuel growth.

On stage, Scott's talks bring to life strategies and tactics that he and his teams use every day. He illustrates how to blend negotiation theory, behavioral economics, and diplomatic tradecraft to disrupt markets and deliver rapid growth.


Matt Johnson

Pentagon policymaker, trained mathematician, former frontman of a punk rock band, and nonfiction author. Matt's road through life is certainly winding, but that's actually his greatest asset. Because as Matt navigated each phase of his career, he was able to refine one core skill: The ability to tell stories that influence people.

Whether it was compelling Congress to approve critical security programs in Africa, inspiring Fortune 200 executives to make bold moves to redefine workplace culture, or persuading the Michigan Governor to change corrections policy to increase public safety, Matt and his teams used story to do it.

And that's why he started this company: To use the power of story to help organizations (and the people that work for them) find success in increasingly trying times.

Originally from a small Iowa town on the banks of the Mississippi, Matt now resides in Richmond, Virginia with his wife, Angie, Loretta the Chihuahua, Wolfie the three-legged pup, and Rosalita the cat.